May God Bless You

From the rising of the sun
’til its setting in the sky today
May the beam on your face
always stay

From the time you wake up
’til you sleep to take a rest

May God bless you
with all the life’s best.^_^

Living What the Bible Says

I choose to say I’m happy even if I’m loaded with so much pain. I choose to say I’m victorious even if I’m too small fighting with a giant. I choose to say I’m unbeatable even if I am weak physically. I choose to say positive things even if the situations around seems to be falling apart…

Am i a liar?? a pretender??? a hypocrite???
No, I’m not!

I just choose to live in the truth rather than in my emotions. I just choose to live by FAITH not by my sight. ‘Coz I believe that God whom I serve is GREATER than the giants I’m facing.

~This flesh is a liar. It is just an illusion.
Nothing can stop me from serving God and from loving Him deeply.
I am not moved by what i see
I am not moved by what i hear
I am not moved by what i feel
I am only moved by what i believe…
by what the Bible says i am…
I am a conqueror
I am victorious
I am rich
I am deeply loved
I am highly favored
I am blessed!!!!!!!!πŸ˜‡


If someone says that He/she loves you so much, remember GOD LOVES YOU A MILLION TIMESπŸ˜‡πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž